Brownfield and Contaminated Land Contracting

VertaseFLI is a leading brownfield and contaminated land remediation, enabling and environmental contractor.  We work for development, house building, manufacturing and petrochem sectors delivering complete remediation solutions & development ready platforms together with our clients and their teams

We have experience solving most brownfield issues but are expert in two of the most commonly encountered problems in Brownfield redevelopment.  Materials Management and Asbestos in soils. 

Materials Management Plans (MMP’s)

We offer free help and advice relating to managing materials via the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste Code of Practice (DoW CoP) to enable re-use of materials on your site and on other sites.  We operated one of the first Hub and Cluster projects and have used the DoW CoP many many times on development sites. 


We can also offer free advice in relation to Asbestos in Soils.  Given we have been working with asbestos in soils for many years, hold all the relevant qualifications and experience, have contributed examples of good practice to the CAR-SOILTM guidance and our Steve Edgar (as part of his role as Chair of the CL:AIRE TRG) provided the foreward to the document we are well placed to help.  Whether you want to talk to us about a specific site or would like us to come and talk to you in general about these or other Brownfield and Contaminated Land issues please contact Steve Edgar or Mike Longman for a chat.