Landfill Reclamation for Road Construction

The proposed route of the new A30 Bodmin Bypass passed through the former Deep Tye Farm Landfill. Operational until 1994, the landfill was licensed for the disposal of inert wastes.  Covering an area of 25,000m2, the landfill incorporated a mixture of buildings and construction waste to a maximum depth of 5.6m. Analysis of soil and water samples revealed elevated levels of iron, ammoniacal nitrogen and petroleum hydrocarbons. The construction of the new carriageway required the excavation of the landfill material and formation of the new cutting.


Project Details





Project Value



6 months

Services Provided

Landfill reclamation, leachate treatment, physical & biological treatment of soils, gas protection works, earthworks

Further Information

VertaseFLI was engaged by Carillion to undertake the following works in conjunction with their other contractors:

  • Installation of ex-situ water treatment system and gaining of discharge consent for treated waters.
  • Liaison with all regulatory authorities.
  • Site strip of vegetation and re-useable topsoil.
  • Cutting excavation of 18,000m3 of subsoil and landfill material.
  • Segregation and processing of all excavated material to generate material suitable for re-use on site as fill to structures, including a combination of crushing, screening, sorting, ex-situ biological treatment and hand picking.
  • Disposal from site of any materials structurally unsuitable for incorporation within the works including cement bonded asbestos.
  • Installation of gas collector drains.
  • Reinstatement of all disturbed land.

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