Groundworks and Infrastructure

VertaseFLI was contracted to undertake a multi-million pound remediation and infrastructure project for a new magistrate’s court, bus station and key worker housing development in the centre of Bristol. The project was PFI funded.

Project Details


Carillion Plc



Project Value

£3.2 million


18 months

Services Provided

Groundworks, infrastructure, construction, tank decommissioning, remediation

Further Information

VertaseFLI was employed as a specialist sub-contractor to Carillion’s Major and Special Projects Division.

The work involved the remediation of soils beneath the former bus station, contaminated as a consequence of previous fuel storage and bus maintenance activities, and enabling works including the construction of pile caps, retaining walls and drainage.

The site was very small, with poor access and absolutely minimal room for compound set up and storage of materials, which necessitated careful planning and timing of materials delivery.

In addition, the bus station remained operational throughout the project, being repositioned on two occasions.

Managing the interaction between the operating bus station and our site works was of paramount importance, particularly in view of the access /  egress issues and the health and safety implications of a large number of the general public in close proximity to construction activities.


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