Vertase FLI Contracting Skills

Leading the field, whether in terms of contaminated land remediation or delivering enabling works, has always been our goal and we are well placed both geographically and technically to deliver the most appropriate solution to your contaminated land or brownfield site. VertaseFLI combines in-house technical design skills with operational strength to ensure projects are delivered in the most cost effective and sustainable manner.

As our selection of case studies demonstrates, we have extensive experience of all remediation technologies and a wide range of demolition, earthworks and enabling projects to include infrastructure, attenuation tanks, roads and sewers for a broad range of clients and industries, we apply the same high standards and competitive approach to all projects; whether to a single dwelling or a large chemical manufacturing site. We believe we have encountered and successfully dealt with all possible contamination issues.

Our recent sites have involved the remediation of most common contaminants but also some of the more rare and difficult problems in both soils and groundwater including tars, creosotes, herbicides, pesticides, phenolics, tin slag, low level radioactive waste, medium and heavy weight aromatics, naphthalene, benzene, xylene, toluene, phthalates, cyanide, animal by-products, landfill waste, chlorinated solvents, insecticides, asbestos and unexploded ordnance to name but a few.

Experience is nothing without quality and along with the experience of technology and treatment we are proud that our Integrated Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and recently attained ISO 45001:2018 is a major achievement for the business.

Confidence that all our design and build activities are covered by comprehensive and robust insurances is critical and VertaseFLI maintain cover over and above that provided by our peer group such as Professional Indemnity and Contractors All Risk (without environmental impact exclusion). We are of course holders of an Environmental Permit covering all remediation methodologies for deployment across the UK.

Below is a list of recent remediation technologies deployed under our permit as part of wider remediation projects:

As well as design and construct and all risk contracting we also offer in-situ design, supply, install and maintenance services for third parties.