FLI Group

The Group was founded by its current Executive Chairman and majority shareholder, Michael Flynn.

FLI Global Limited sits at the top of the Group structure. Subsidiary companies VertaseFLI Limited, FLI Water Limited and FLI France SAS are active respectively in contaminated land remediation, water & wastewater and geosynthetics solutions.

Our origins lie in the geosynthetics business providing engineered landfill lining solutions in Ireland, UK, throughout Europe and globally on a project basis. With this business activity, FLI grew and was able to make the investments that have transformed the company to where it is today. In the last 10 years we have acquired a complementary geosynthetics business in France, a land remediation company in the UK and two water/wastewater technology and services companies in the UK.

We continue to grow organically in our key sectors not only in the UK and Ireland but also in France and other selected locations around the world.