Remediation Contractor

VertaseFLI is a leading design and construct contaminated land enabling works contractor. Due to our extensive experience, in house technical specialists and operational managers we have built a reputation of delivering a range of remediation projects on-time, within budget and to impeccable health and safety standards.

We provide a full range of in-situ and ex-situ remediation schemes incorporating chemical, biological, physical and thermal treatment technologies. We have a centrally located manufacturing base where our team of technical, mechanical and electrical specialists are able to design and assemble bespoke remediation systems. The integration with our operational teams across the UK ensures a seamless transition from the design through to the remediation phase.

As you will see from our case studies, we have worked on wide range of different remediation schemes which span commercial & residential developers, manufacturing & industrial operators, main contractors, consulting engineers, regulatory bodies as well as the public and regeneration sectors. 

Our strong team of technical specialists and operational managers are not only capable of designing both in-situ and ex-situ remediation technologies but also ensure that they are delivered in the most appropriate manner.

We have a very good understanding of the crossover of remediation works with other enabling works (i.e. demolition & earthworks) and we have developed a team of multi-disciplinary operational managers who can manage all aspects of this, providing our clients with the whole enabling works service.

We understand that each project differs in terms of historical land use, contamination types, contaminating concentrations, receptors and proposed end-use. So, we always begin by undertaking a detailed assessment of all available information in order to develop a site-specific remediation solution. We have no ties to particular remediation technologies so you can be assured that our decision will be based on the most suitable technology required to achieve the proposed goals.

Let us undertake a technical review of your site information to determine what is required/ achievable regardless of whether you intend to continue to operate on your site or wish to realise some value via development.

With VertaseFLI at your side you can be assured of a high-quality remediation service regardless of the scope of works or the scale of the site.