Demolition and Remediation Coventry

VertaseFLI was employed to prepare a detailed remediation strategy and complete all necessary works on a flagship redevelopment scheme in the centre of Coventry. The site had been used for production of civilian and military motor vehicles including aircraft for over 100 years and covered an area of 35 hectares.  Almost all of which was occupied by former buildings and hard cover.

Project Details


Taylor Wimpey & Parkridge Land



Project Value

£2.7 million


15 months

Services Provided

Asbestos removal, demolition, remediation scheme design, dual phase with product recovery, bioremediation, re-profiling earthworks

Further Information

In order to expedite redevelopment, a dual phase extraction system including free product removal was installed prior to the factory being fully vacated. Asbestos removal and demolition works were completed in a phased manner followed by additional site investigations.

TPH contaminated soils were excavated for subsequent bioremediation whilst other inorganic contaminants were managed to enable their reuse at appropriate locations and depths.

60,000m3 of soils were treated via bioremediation and over 250,000m3 of soils and secondary aggregate were excavated and replaced to create a new development platform. Significant free product removal was undertaken at a number of locations through the use of either high vacuum dual phase extraction, skimming pumps or pump and treat systems.

A particular challenge of the project was the significant number and size of subterranean features such as UST’s, basements and air raid shelters. The basement tanks associated with the former boiler house contained heavy fuel oil - a number of techniques were employed to mobilise and remove this, including use of heated diesel fuel, agitation and heating. 

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