Demolition and Remediation

Acting as Principal Contractor, VertaseFLI undertook the demolition, clearance and remediation of the former Chamberlain Philips Shoe Factory, Yeovil.

Since circa 2000 the site had remained vacant, with numerous cases of site vandalism having occurred. A number of the buildings at the site were badly damaged and in poor condition. 

Project Details


Gleeson Homes



Project Value



10 weeks

Services Provided

Asbestos removal, demolition, remediation of contaminated soils.

Further Information

Prior to commencement of demolition VertaseFLI updated and supplemented the existing Pre-Demolition Type 3 Asbestos Surveys to permit the submission of the statutory notifications for the removal of Asbestos. In excess of 150 tonnes of asbestos bearing materials were removed.
Following removal of all asbestos from the buildings they were demolished and subsequently crushed to produce a secondary aggregate (6F2).  In all, some 6,000m3 of crushed aggregates were generated.
Following demolition and clearance of the structures, VertaseFLI proceeded with the remediation of hot-spot areas of contaminated soils (hydrocarbons, metals and asbestos) and the site was handed to the client’s ground worker for the subsequent construction of the proposed residential houses.

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