Asbestos Works

VertaseFLI was employed by the Highways Agency through their Maintenance Contactor BBMM to provide 24hr emergency response on the Area 2 Highways Network covering the South West region. 
As part of the highways maintenance operations, asbestos management surveys of all structures that could potentially contain asbestos were undertaken. VertaseFLI was contracted to undertake both management surveys and demolition surveys, as well as the removal of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) during maintenance works, or ACM materials that had been fly tipped. 

Project Details


Balfour Beatty Mott Macdonald


Area 2 Network - South West

Project Value

Various Contracts


Fixed Term Contract

Services Provided

Management of asbestos surveys, demolition asbestos surveys, 24 hour emergency response on highways, clearing fly tipped ACM, removal of no notifiable ACM, supervision of the removal of notifiable asbestos.

Further Information

Works undertaken by VertaseFLI included:

  • Management surveys of structures including bridges, culverts and retaining walls.
  • Intrusive demolition surveys of structures and service runs.
  • Intrusive demolition surveys for replacement drainage. Some of the older drainage runs on the highways are constructed with pipes made of flexible ‘pitch fibre’ or asbestos fibre impregnated with sticky black pitch (bitumen tar). 
  • Removal of ACM from 70 gully pots along the M5 corridor, ACM materials had been used as packing material under the gully lids.  
  • Walkover surveys of verges and hard shoulders prior to regular clearance and maintenance works to identify fly tipped ACM.
  • Clearing of fly tipped ACM from highways as part of our emergency response contract, including disposal to a suitably licensed facility. 
  • Supervising specialist subcontractors whilst working on the highways network removing notifiable asbestos. 

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