Asbestos Remediation and Earthworks

A remediation and earthworks programme within asbestos contaminated soils at Bowmer & Kirkland site in Wrexham, North Wales.  Prior to demolition, the site was used as a Council Depot and storage yard and adjoined a former British Rail Engine Shed. Significant asbestos contamination had only been identified within the footprint of the former engine shed. 

Project Details


Bowmer and Kirkland



Project Value



6 Weeks

Services Provided

Remediation, asbestos removal, earthworks

Further Information

VertaseFLI met with the regulators and developed a cost effective strategy; to reduce site levels within the asbestos contaminated area to sufficient depth that allowed the inclusion of a terram warning membrane and 600mm clean crush layer beneath the foundations of the proposed supermarket, service yard and car park. 
Works were designed to achieve betterment of the soils beneath the clean cover system with all excavated soils being handpicked for larger pieces of asbestos, before placement into a landscaped area of the site.  All hand picked asbestos was placed into double lined asbestos bags, zip tied and locked into a skip for offsite disposal.
A high level of Health and Safety management, organisation and documentation was required at all times throughout the works in order to maintain a safe working environment for those within and external to the control zone, as well as neighbouring properties.
Remediation works were complicated by the presence of a 33KVa cable passing through the site.  All excavations around the cable were done by hand with extreme caution.  New ducting was laid at greater depth and the cable was disconnected, diverted and reconnected.
Final completion of the job involved the installation of a bright orange warning membrane across the entire control zone, an encapsulation pit and the placement of 600mm of clean crush material.

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