We Build Bridges Too!

In March, VertaseFLI employees enjoyed a night out followed by a morning away from the office and site to work together on a team building activity. Employees were only asked to bring along wet weather gear and enthusiasm!

We all enjoyed a meal and a glass of vino or two, some healthy debate and chats around the room, and at 8.30am the next morning (with more than a few sore heads!) four teams were assembled and the ‘daily briefing’ was given.  The teams had to build two bridges – known as pioneering!   Each team had to build one end of their bridge without ‘falling’ into the river (a few got a bit wet!) and then come together with the other side to finish the bridge off.  The objective was for the whole team to cross the bridge!

First activity was to do a Task Based Risk Assessment and design a team name and flag – we had some great names – Red Eye, Dr and the do littles to name a couple!


As a facilitator, it was really interesting watching everyone working together on this.  Each team had a different approach – some talked quite a bit about it to begin with, some went straight in – carrying the materials needed down to the river.   There was some negotiation required when one team went off piste and built their end of the bridge not to the design specifications.

It was a great team building activity, and I for one, was proud to watch everyone working together, often with people they don’t work with on a day to day basis.  It was really enjoyable for us all to spend some quality time together, have a good laugh and some fun whilst learning something new.