VertaseFLI Leading the Industry with Zonesafe

As an experienced contractor at the forefront of the Remediation sector, VertaseFLI are continuously striving to improve and enhance their methods and practices on site.

For the first time on a remediation project, VertaseFLI have installed a specialised proximity warning system on all plant used on the former Lowfields Landfill site in Castleford.

A live above ground gas pipeline runs directly through the site to a local 5mw gas fired power station.   The project involves re-profiling and stabilisation of the former landfill, ensuring the pipeline is not disturbed or damaged is obviously critical.

The Zonesafe system comes in three parts: sensor tags that have been fitted to the pipeline itself, detection units attached to the outside of plant and finally a control alarm unit inside the plant cab complete with flashing beacon.  These three elements work together to ensure that plant used in the remediation works does not come within a specified distance of the pipeline, ensuring its safety and protection.

VertaseFLI Health & Safety Manager Chris Williamson said ‘The Zonesafe System is essential on this project to ensure protection of the pipeline.  VertaseFLI are currently investigating utilising Zonesafe as part of the plant/personnel interface protection on site, which will improve overall safety for everyone working on VertaseFLI projects’ 



   In-cab Warning System       Sensor attached to machine boom        Sensor on counterweight