VertaseFLI at Inaugural RAWFILL Advisory Board Meeting

Vertase FLI Limited participate in the 1st Advisory Board meeting for the European RAWFILL project funded by the European Regional Development Fund held in Liege, Belgium in October 2017 in our role as associate partner to the  British Geological Survey. Building on the experiences of pilot scale studies into landfill mining and reclamation presented by our counterparts operating in North West European Countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands), Duncan Scott of Vertase FLI presented a case study of one of our full-scale landfill reclamation projects in the UK involving the complete excavation, processing and engineering of waste materials to facilitate re-development of the Site for residential housing. This case study provided first hand evidence to the RAWFILL project participants that full scale landfill reclamation can be a technically and economically viable prospect for some Sites within the right environmental, social/political and legal setting. Our ongoing participation in RAWFILL is expected to support the partners in achieving the project goals while building excellent relations with our European counterparts with a view to working together on the enabling and delivery of future full scale landfill mining and reclamation projects in North West European countries. Further information on the RAWFILL project can be found on the project web site (