Safety Record Breaking News

Achieving certification to the new ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Standard back in May 2018 ahead of our industry peers, has assisted in the continual drive of our safety behaviour programme through its emphasis on the consultation and participation of workers.

As part of this programme, all employees, subcontractors and agency workers are encouraged to report any safety observations (positive or negative) by the site management team through daily briefings and tool box talks.  The increase in those reported by subcontractors and agency workers over the last six months on our sites has shown how effective worker participation can be and that a strong level of buy-in has been achieved. These safety observations underpin our commitment to behavioural safety and promote the company ethos of positive culture and behaviours. 

We had an excellent month of reporting with a new record being set for 154 safety observation reports received during May 2019; this beats the record of 110 in a month set back in April 2015.

Well done to all, keep up the excellent reporting as this is providing valuable statistical data and it also means that Health & Safety awareness is at an all-time high, which also means the chances of an accident are greatly reduced.