Institution of Chemical Engineers Webinar with VertaseFLI

On October 4th, VertaseFLI’s Steve Edgar presented a webinar on “Clean-Up of Asbestos in Soil Post-Decommissioning” hosted by IChemE’s Environment Special Interest Group. Concentrating on the Client’s perspective and providing a mixture of practical advice and tips on compliance, the webinar introduced the issue of asbestos in soils covering typical examples of issues encountered when dismantling or demolishing sites and common pitfalls that can be faced. Recent industry guidance CAR-SOIL™ was introduced together with practical advice on a range of subjects covering exposure assessment, plans of work, asbestos monitoring, competency, Cat A and Cat B training, description of ACM and a discussion of licensed vs notifiable non-licensed works.

The webinar was very well received with overwhelmingly positive feedback and VertaseFLI would like to thank the IChemE Environment Special Interest Group for the invitation to present. The webinar can either be downloaded from IChemE’s ESIG website by members or from HERE.