FLI Environmental acquires UK water treatment companies

FLI Environmental, the global environmental service provider, has announced the acquisition of two Hertfordshire-based companies from Bord na M?na which will enable the Waterford company to become a major player in the municipal and local authority wastewater treatment industry in Ireland and the UK. The acquisition will also allow FLI to further develop its existing business in industrial wastewater treatment.

Michael Flynn , founder and managing director of FLI Environmental, said the acquisition of Brightwater Engineering and Brightwater Products and Services will enable FLI to take a leading role in the design, manufacture and installation of wastewater treatment plants for local authorities and industrial customers in Ireland and in the UK.

FLI has also acquired Brightwater’s patented ‘Biobead®’ filter media technology manufactured from recycled plastic. FLI Environmental has agreed to licence previous owner Bord na M?na to supply its HSAF® submerged aerated filtration technology and Membright® MBR products through Bord na M?na to municipal markets in Canada, North American, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Brightwater, which employs 60 people at Lechworth and Bedford, north of London, has 30 years experience in the municipal wastewater treatment sector in the UK and is a leading supplier of biological activated flooded filtration technology (BAFF), has provided over 80 per cent of the UK’s installed plants.

“Ireland’s municipal wastewater treatment infrastructure will have an investment of €4 billion in the next few years and FLI, with a very strong in-house engineering capability, is well placed to become a major player in this sector,” says Mr Flynn.

FLI, which employs 200 people and has a current annual turnover of €43 million, paid €5 million for its latest acquisition. FLI, which was recently selected for participation in the Enterprise Ireland Scaling programme for rapidly-growing Irish companies, is on target to increase turnover to €100 million in the next three years, mainly through organic growth.