Can YOU handle the truth about asbestos? VertaseFLI at asbestos conference.

In November, VertaseFLI participated in the UK’s largest Asbestos Management Conference – Asbestos: The Truth, which was held in central Manchester. Organised by Lucion Services ( VertaseFLI Director Steve Edgar presented a paper which covered key elements of the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR Soil - the remediation industries interpretation/guide to CAR 2012) and the key areas that clients, constructors, main contractors and anyone who works with asbestos should be considering. The paper included what you should expect from your site investigator and remediation/other ground based contractors and the implications of such expectations. It also showed some examples of well managed works in progress relating to both remediation and ground based enabling. The session assisted both clients and constructors to select the right teams for works relating to asbestos in soils and ensuring that duties are fulfilled. It also highlighted some of the options for managing asbestos contamination found in soils and beneath proposed developments. For the full programme of the days presentations follow this link