Abigail Brooks presents at RAWFILL Advisory Board Meeting

On March 28th, 2019 Abigail Brooks, Environmental Engineer for Vertase presented at the RAWFILL Advisory Board Meeting during this year’s Mid-Term Event at Les Champs Jouault in Cuves (France). 

RAWFILL is a Project sponsored by EURELCO and Interreg which aims to provide knowledge and evidence-based methodologies to select profitable Landfill Reclamation Projects. It covers countries across North-West Europe and VertaseFLI are an Advisory Board to this project. 

Vertase attended the conference to present findings on our Emerson’s Green Site, comparing data found in the field to geophysical modelling provided by BGS. It was an opportunity to share with other companies across Europe our experience and findings on a Landfill Reclamation Project. 

The talks followed with a tour of the Les Champs Jouault, which had innovative methods to manage any potential environmental impacts from the landfill, including using the landfill gas to power a spirulina plant, a biogas plant, wood processing facility and we particularly enjoyed the geophysics demonstration. 

It was a great experience to share our knowledge from our Emersons Green Project, and we look forward to presenting our findings once the project is complete.